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June 7, 2001

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can you believe
there's an inground
swimming pool
in seattle?
ever since we moved here,
i'd wanted to try it out. walking by it
a couple of weeks ago, i told myself:
this is the summer i swim in that pool.
then, just this sunday, after kickball, i was invited to a bbq
at some friends' new apartment. what a happy surprise when i went out
to the grill and found myself next to that same pool. dude! skinnydip bliss.
went there with sarah today before meeting david and leeann for thai food.
leeann suggested that the place had been built as a hotel
for the '62 world's fair, which would certainly explain the motor court feel.
i'd forgotten how much i missed the shimmery magic of chlorinated water.
for years, I ran a country club swimming pool on long island.
i'm guessing the statute of limitations for what we did there has expired,
so maybe soon there will be here more 1990s memories to share...