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April 26, 2001

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are you on the bus or off the bus?
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Confluence: Inspired in equal parts by Karl Haendel's work in McSweeney's Issue 6 and the call for grassroots activism in AdBusters 35, I put fifteen minutes to good use by making a simple plywood sign. Mixed reactions as I waited for WALK at the intersection of 39th St and Fremont: a lot of sly smiles in passing cars, a couple of thumbs-up and friendly honks, and an equal number of people trying their best to ignore it; they were the ones who looked like they most identified themselves with their cars. It's sad but understandable--there's so much ADVERTISING out there conditioning our wants. So it's fun and refreshing to reclaim a little bit of mental space, a few words like a germ that might take hold and grow.