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March 10, 2001

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ready, aim, horseshit!
This is what it looks like when you aim a keychain laserpointer into a camera lens. Sarah found it in the street and then played with it all day. Obsessively. At first we thought it was a rape whistle, which would have been a creepy thing to find discarded in the gutter. We were on our way to the Dock with Roger, whose Fremont Troll song we'd just recorded under the bridge, ambient traffic heightening the effect. Roger's a real Fremont old-timer who's seen a lot of changes to the neighborhood since he was born here 50 years ago. There's not much left of the nitty-gritty and now they're even selling one of the dogfood factory buildings (for something like $7,000,000).
Half a century or half a day, the best we can do is register the change.