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February 5, 2001

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Woke up early early smelling Andi's coffee (she off to first day of work in Kirkland) and thought, "I'm awake! I'll just get up now...." and quickly fell back asleep. Sarah's alarm went off 7:30 and we told each other our dreams. I dozed a bit as she got dressed, then I got up, scrambled some eggs while she went across the street to the field where yesterday she left her straw hat. It was still there, along with the empty purse she'd brought along as a prop to Sunday afternoon costume kickball. What luck. She goes off to work, dreading FTA (Federal Transit Administration) workshop. I decide on the sauna, read these words of Paramahansa Yogananda, a New Year's gift from Boma: "More and more you will realize this truth, that man is a soul but has a body; you will no longer dread parting with the fleshly garment." I doze off, wake up sweaty. Enough cold coffee in french press to fill my favorite cup, I drink on the pot with a little Bukowski. Nothing comes but mainly I was sitting there cz it's a comfortable place to read. Then the tub suddenly appeals to me and I start filling it piping hot, water milky with hempermint Dr. B's. More Bukowski: "did you ever consider that lsd and color tv arrived for our consumption about the same time? here comes all this explorative color pounding, and what do we do? we outlaw one and fuck up the other...." I read until the water cools, pull the plug, rinse off. I take a picture of the toilet tank, soothed by its whiteness, one of the only areas of calm in our messy apartment. I wake the computer up. Children scream at recess across the street. After three hours of warming up, I'm ready...