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January 20, 2001

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don't walk -- march!
This guy comes to every demonstration and dances on top of pediments and garbage cans. Then he'll climb a lightpost or two and everybody cheers. It's a small act of defiance that doesn't hurt anyone and calls our boundaries into question. "All right, buddy, time to come down," the amused bike cop says. The smiling climber obliges him and dances away.

ain't no power like the power of
                                  the people...

What thoughts did the people who stood in doorways distracted from their Saturday afternoon shopping have as they mutely watched thousands march chanting up 5th Avenue to link arms around the Federal Building? Will those who stood by join in next time or will they go home, set their car alarms, and behind locked doors reassure themselves with network news that everything is fine?

What good does protesting do, anyway?

We take to the streets to be near each other and share our collective energy. We assert our right to gather and be heard, and draw on the strength that comes from banding together to shape a sustainable future. It goes beyond simply protesting a stolen election--it's practice in participation. A wise man once said, "A vote don't mean shit." This election proved it. What matters is action and it starts with you today.

It doesn't take much. Just show up.