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January 14, 2001

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I would like to share with you a weird day - January 14th 2001.

Andy Rooney on TV closed "60 Minutes" with thanks to a viewer who sent him a book called "Lover" written in 1834 in which the first sentence unraveled something like this: "Andy Rooney opened the bedroom door and saw his naked mother..."

A few hours before, I turned on my computer and accidentally bumped into a web-site with your short story entitled "Jerry's First Visit" with an opening sentence: "Jiri Klobouk, whose name would be incorrectly Americanized to Jerry..."

And that is not all. Above the first paragraph there is a date 68/03/24. Yes, you got it: 03-24 is my birthday. plate of shrimp?

To tell you the truth, I am a bit scared. My wife thinks I should sue you for one million dollars, of course she is just joking. Anyway, so far I have had time to see only a fraction of your web-site and am quite intrigued by what you do. Please notify me when new chapters are added. Good luck! Aren't you thrilled your protagonist came to life?

Yours truly,
Jiri Klobouk, Canada
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