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December 29, 2000

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the old one-handed texas two-fist

The One-handed Texas Two-fist

Last call at Hattie's Hat after Supersuckers Country Hoo Haw at the Tractor, the bartender swept through the restaurant and said, "Finish it," to me and the tall glass of Maker's just poured after I'd waited in line so long. "Finish it, finish it--now!" he insisted. He gave me the chance and I downed it quick. "You're a friend of the people," I said and I wasn't being sarcastic. He walked on picking up empty glasses and those abandoned with something still in them. What a waste, I thought as I walked towards the door, pausing to light the cigarette I found off a candle.

The good news--as if you needed it--is that Eddie Spaghetti and company can be seen every Friday at the Barge Inn in Ballard, 610 NW 65th St. That's where I'll be.

buy the album. it is worth it.

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