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Car Free Quotes

"Let 'em ride a bike like me, would do me and them and everybody a world of good. Cleanse our city's air, reinvigorate the blood, tone up the muscles, strengthen the heart, burn up that surplus fat, stave off arteriosclerosis, cut down on bypass operations, eliminate transplants, lower the cholesterol count, prolong lives. Yes and reduce oil consumption, slow down the waste of steel and rubber and copper and glass, free human labor and engineering skills for important work -- anything bad for the auto industry and bad for the oil industry is bound to be good for America, good for human beings, good for the land."
   ~Edward Abbey

"It is said that the only time a person feels more important than the whole of his community is when he is insane -- or when he is driving. This is the basis of car culture, the idea that the world and all of the world's people are merely in its way."
   ~Travis Hugh Culley, _The Immortal Class_

"I thought of it while riding my bicycle."
   ~Albert Einstein

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride."
   ~John F. Kennedy

"Singing the praises of bikes is nice, but the reality is that their greatest utility is in replacing cars and attempting to undo all the horrors that cars have brought."
   ~Dan Kliman, M.D.

"Everywhere were the great shells of beetles which men had made and worshipped. They were automobiles. They had killed everything."
~Kurt Vonnegut