Oct 27, 1994

Jizda (yee-zda): The Drive. The title tells no lies. New Czech flic directed by Jan Sverak about two guys in a cut-top convertible and the roadside lovely they pick up in their aimless travels. She has manic jealous boyfriend in sharp black car and clothes to match, who drinks espresso, sets cup and saucer on roof and flicks sugar packet w/ practiced gesture. Italian shoes. Little revolver on keychain only gun menace. They get stoned and look at clouds. They drink lots and listen to Karel Gott in an empty country house (chata) they break into.

(Should here mention that almost every Czech family, my own included, can lay claim to a place in the country, usually quite modest, a tradition upheld even during Soviet reign.) She squats by the side of the road, close-up of her piss trickling under the car. Many hilarious moments and a downbeat ending. Box of ice cream melts in her lap, she scoops it out, chocolate running b/t her fingers. I really enjoyed the movie. Too bad it probably won't make it to the States.

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