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Salvage and Pick-up Services

The RE Store has a large full-time salvage crew that is available to remove materials from just about any type of construction/remodeling site. Our salvage crew is a fully licensed and bonded general contractor (resou**055om), and has great working relationships with many of the largest contractors in the state. We have removed tons of materials from job sites as varied as high rise buildings in downtown Seattle, the Kingdome, numerous school and residential remodels, and movie sets. This service saves contractors money by getting unwanted materials out of their way quickly without any disposal costs. In most cases we can offer a tax deduction for the donation of the materials, or we can pay cash for the salvage rights to the job.

We also have a crew that specializes in whole-house "deconstuction," which in many cases is more economical than regular demolition and allows us to recycle more than 75% of the structure. For references or more information regarding our salvage or "deconstruction" services: In King County, Snohomish, Pierce, Kitsap, and Jefferson Counties, call Field Crew Manager Pat Finn at 206-423-4537. In Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and San Juan Counties, please call Field Crew Manager Marj Leone at 360-815-4339

The RE Store also offers a pickup service for contractors and households that have materials already removed and ready to go. Just call to let us know what you have and where you are at. If it is material we have a need for, we will have it out of your way in short order, and once again your donation is usually tax deductible.

For more information on our pickup service call The RE Store closest to you:
Seattle - (206) 297-9119
Bellingham - (360) 647-5921

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