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What is Picture of the Day worth to you?

Picture of the Day launched on January 24, 1998. I hope to
never stop. I do this site for a variety of reasons, but money is
not one of them. However, it does cost about $500/year to
maintain a site of this size and traffic, so I am asking for your voluntary
ca$h $upport
. And I wouldn't be asking if I didn't need it.

Click-a here to donate online using paypal or credit card.
$1, $5, $20, $3,011.43--it all helps. Why not just give what you can?
If you don't wish to give paypal a %, please mail funds to:

Robert Zverina
3955-B Fremont Ave N
Seattle WA 98103 USA

two dollah no hollah
If every subscriber gave just $2 per year this site would be self-supporting.

Also gladly accepting used Canon S200 cameras and all 45 rpm/7" records!

Thank you very much!