A Smart Bomb

Wouldn't want to be dropped. Might get
Together with other smart bombs to discuss
Alternative employment possibilities like
Demolishing old buildings. Debate the virtues
Of restoration, at least taking them down
Carefully to salvage reusable materials.

Several could open doors for all bombs: start
A mentoring project in the armory: old cannon balls
With the latest hollow point bullets
Listening to speeches about social conscience.
Soon bombs are producing art and arguments
Born of a frustration at the lack of opportunity
For smart bombs to make meaningful contributions.

Can you see young people expressing their solidarity
With bombs by exploding themselves in cities and on
Military bases? Or a bomb specialist
Joining The View. Tommy Hilfiger marketing a new line of
Expensive clip-on fuses for bomb wannabes who
Drink too much and go to lots of bad movies.

Before you know it, parents are warning their children
To keep away from after hours munition clubs
Worried their babies might get rounded up
By the government and dropped on Kosovo.

--Brett Axel