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July 22, 2020


iíve been building a big custom cabinet/wall unit for a repeat customer but itís been a slow go b/c i donít have a woodshop of my own so iíve been going far afield out near belfair. itís a pleasant location and the choice is drive via tacoma or take the bremerton ferryói usually choose the latter though itís $20.40 each way, which bites into my profit margin quite a bit as the trips add up. i guess thatís the cost of doing business, but itís making me think i should try to get into a space closer to home if furniture is going to be my thing. new skill acquisition mixes excitement, apprehension, and humility. the more i learn, the more i realize how little i know. but when i despair that this project is taking longer than expected, and my hourly rate plummets in relation to my bid, i remind myself that the task itself is enjoyable, thereís no need to rush, and iím getting paid to do what some call a hobbyómyself included.

i could have saved a Tubman by driving around, but i was beat after wrangling sheets of 3/4Ē maple plywood, so opted for the boat. after a cool cloudy day, the sun finally broke through over the olympics, flooded the lower port cardeck with a psychedelic lightshow that alone was worth the price of the ticket, and then i stood at the stern, clang and churn, blasted by salt air wind tunnel, space needle and skyline framed by the superstructure. someoneís errant plastic wrapper danced and tumbled towards me but like a cat i timed my pounce to perfection, stomped and stopped it from blowing into the sound, thereby saving the day. in an unhinged world spiraling into chaos on all frontsópolitical, economic, environmental, public healthóthat empowering act of agency brought me peace of mind... for at least three seconds.