cool. can't wait to take my mind for a spin at yer camp. really interesting

stuff. i had a trippy vision the other day, just sorta zoning out looking

down at riverbed through gently rippling water. i turned off that old

huxley-an perception processor and saw not a stable riverbed with water

rolling over it, but an undulating rock bottom that was unmistakably

alive--similar to acid visuals but without the acid. haunting.

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> Rob,


> Thanks for the cool links. Have you seen Robert's page on the technology


> will drive our camp this year?




> zve R ina wrote:


> > This looks so friggin' cool. I've always wanted to try out a "dream

> > machine." Here's some good background on earlier mechanical attempts at

> > tapping the light/mind connection:

> > . And, for those


> > can't wait till burning man, here are plans for building your own:

> > .

> >

> > Here's to pushing the boundaries!

> >

> > rob

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